Digital Product Ops

You find yourself too busy keeping your digital product team focused?

You want to ensure your team's day-to-day delivery following agile best-practices?

You want to free your capacity to focus on strategic decisions?

We provide leadership for your digital product teams. We keep you in the loop just on the right level.


How we work

Briefing call

We setup a first call to learn about your vision and priorities. We dive deep on the status quo and learn about each individual team member.
We define together our KPIs to measure the success of the engagement. We learn about your biggest challenges and the quickest wins with the current status.
Our call will be the foundation to represent you as the lead for your team.

Team workshop

A one day workshop with your entire team gives us in-depth insights into the team's perspective and learnings.
We establish a common working mode and define what success means for us as a team. Together we review the product status and go deep into any existing designs, code and delivery pipelines.
The workshop results in a list of the top risks and possible actions to minimize those. We further define a high-level delivery roadmap until the initial product launch.

Agile Best-Practices

We are working with your team in continous delivery mode, iterating towards a first product launch. Depending on the environment we will setup bi-weekly user testing with the latest product prototypes.
We follow best-practices for agile product development and constantly review and improve our processes. We are holding daily-standups with your team and keep a prioritized backlog of work items. We are holding bi-weekly team retrospectives to review our team work and define actions to improve.
You will be kept up-to-date with daily progress reports, access to the latest product stages and a weekly status call.

Remote work

We love working with distributed teams and have years of experience in this settings. Our best-practices and preferred tooling are optimized for remote environments.


If needed we help you staff your team out of our network of design, engineering and analytics experts. We are able to extend your team with on-demand experts or build a new team from scratch.

Learn more about our Staffing Services.

Our Digital Leadership Experts

We are a team of digital leadership experts with diverse backgrounds. Depending on your product we will identify the right lead for your team or may even co-lead at different stages.

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