Our Team

We are a mobile technology firm combining design, analytics and engineering in one team.


Mirko Kiefer

Engineering Lead

Mirko is an execution-oriented engineer focusing on app development and system integration. He has worked with a diverse range of startups and enterprises in Europe, Africa and the United States since the age of 17. Mirko combines a strong business and customer-centric mindset with deep technical expertise and is known for accelerating time to market with a radically lean approach.


Joey Primiani

Design Lead

Joey is an award-winning Silicon Valley product designer and creative entrepreneuer. Named to Forbes Magazine “30 Under 30” list in Consumer Technology in 2016 and Business Insider’s “25 Under 25” Hot Young Stars in Silicon Valley Tech. Joey created LittleMonsters.com with artist Lady Gaga and designed products for Google, Yahoo!, Intuit, Mint and founded several companies that have been acquired.


Johannes Auer

iOS Engineer

Johannes is a perfectionist iOS engineer with strong experience in user experience design. He has worked on app development since the first iPhone launch and is deeply familiar with the Apple platform. He likes helping people to learn programming and improve their technical skills.


Olga Kostova

Data Science

Olga has years of experience in analytics and digital marketing. She has worked with a range of startups in 3d-printing and e-commerce as well as with enterprise clients in retail and travel. We are proud to be able to offer professional help with KPI tracking, conversion optimization and dashboard building. Olga likes to share her knowledge on conferences and meetups. She is also active on our blog.


Nico Saueressig

Infrastructure Engineer

Nico is a mobile infrastructure engineer experienced working both in startup and enterprise environments. At eBay he worked on delivery logistics software being part of an acquired startup team. He is an organiser of our company‘s meetup Mobile Development Rhein-Neckar and always happy to get to know new people. If you want to give a talk at our Meetup, Nico is a person to get in touch with.


Sebastian Spaar

Android Engineer

Sebastian is an experienced Android developer and helped several startups in the launch phase. Being fluent in Mandarin he is intimately familiar with Chinese culture and has co-published a textbook for students of Chinese.


Konrad Kuehne

Web Engineer

Konrad is a mobile infrastructure engineer experienced working with both backend and frontend.